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  • Musical luminaries like Mozart, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Boulez and Stockhausen should be rewarded for their inspired writing. For this purpose, the Uebel Superior Basset Horn was created to have such smoothness of tone and sensible intonation that it changes the perspective of the instrument itself- it is not merely an auxiliary instrument, but a tool of expression of the highest order.

    Basset horn Superior in F

    SKU: 426180
    VAT Included
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    • • to low C

      • E♭ / A♭ lever

      • G resonance key

      • B♭ mechanism

      • two necks

      • Well-chosen, best quality, naturally dried, seasoned Grenadilla wood

      • adjustable thumbrest with ring for strap

      • neck, bell and keywork silver-plated

      • inlaid sterling silver signet

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