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Our materials

Outstanding woods for an outstanding sound
Grenadilla and Mopane of the highest quality – these are the woods we use to make our clarinets. The natural drying and storage process we use to prepare the African tonewoods for their processing takes over seven years and is the pride of our company. It is the starting point for the beautiful sound of the
F. Arthur Uebel clarinets, and because our clarinets are also particularly robust thanks to this process, we offer a five-year guarantee against cracks in the wood.

Visit our care instructions page for information on how proper care and maintenance of your F. Arthur Uebel clarinets will ensure many years of playing satisfaction!

Our types of wood
Living materials for unique instruments

Grenadilla or Mopane? The wood your instrument is made from is a decisive factor in the sound and playing feel of your clarinet.
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F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets

built for you by perfectionists

Clarinets made of Grenadilla

Grenadilla has been the most common material for making clarinet bodies for over a hundred years. The wood is characterised by its enormous density and hardness and is very resistant to moisture. Clarinets made of Grenadilla wood impress with a warm, focused sound and fantastic projection

Clarinets made of Mopane

Clarinets made of Mopane wood combine a slightly softer, rounder sound with a wide, very dynamic range of expression that invites imaginative music-making. The density of the wood is similar to that of Grenadilla.

At F. Arthur Uebel we have been making professional Boehm and German clarinets from Mopane since 2018. Our Mopane Zenit and Superior models inspire some the finest clarinettists worldwide, and we are particularly pleased that our stock of naturally dried Mopane is now so large that we can now also use this wonderful wood in other models.



F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets
Made by perfectionists for the perfect sound

The use of high-quality materials as the basis for our clarinets, along with incredible attention to detail, make our clarinets ones that musicians of every playing level will appreciate.
But don’t take our word for it…convince yourself of the outstanding sound quality of our clarinets! To experience the outstanding sound and feel of Uebel clarinets for yourself, contact your qualified local dealer! They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and advise you on the perfect Uebel clarinet for you.
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F. Arthur Uebel Facts
For instruments that inspire

☑ naturally seasoned Grenadilla and Mopane wood, aged for many years
→ resonant, warm, pure sound. Also protects against cracking.

☑ Robust body, manufactured at F. A. Uebel with anti-crack construction
→ Less cracking due to stabilisation of vibrations in the wood fibres.

☑ High quality, stable mechanics and fully equipped keywork.
→ highest quality and reliability even in the most virtuosic passages

☑ Logo and model name inlaid with 925 silver signet
→ artisanal handwork for stunning appearance
Refinements of the mechanics
Fine finishing for pure playing pleasure
Uebel german system clarinet grenadilla silver

Silver-plating: Our ergonomic and quiet key mechanism is hard-gloss silver-plated as standard. The hard-gloss silver plating protects against scratches and prevents rapid oxidation.

Uebel grenadilla gold plated clarinet
Uebel grenadilla rose gold plated clarinet
Uebel grenadilla gold-plated posts clarinet

Gold plating: F. Arthur Uebel clarinets with 24k or rose gold plating inspire with their stunning appearance and a special tactile experience. Our gold-plated mechanisms also offer the best protection against perspiration.

uebel mopane rhodium-plated clarinet

Rhodium plating: Rhodium is a brightly shining chrome-coloured metal from the platinum group, used primarily for the mechanical finishing of our soloist instruments. Rhodium protects the keys of the clarinet particularly well against oxidation.

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