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Our materials

Outstanding woods for an outstanding sound
At F. Arthur Uebel, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality Grenadilla and Mopane woods for our clarinets. Our African tonewoods are prepared through a natural drying and storage process that takes over seven years. This meticulous preparation is the foundation for the exceptional sound of our clarinets, and the durability of our instruments is ensured through this process as well.

To ensure many years of playing satisfaction with your F. Arthur Uebel clarinet, we recommend visiting our care instructions page for information on proper care and maintenance.

Our types of wood
Living materials for unique instruments

The wood used to make your clarinet is a crucial factor in determining the instrument's sound and playing feel. At F. Arthur Uebel, we offer a choice between Grenadilla and Mopane wood, allowing you to select the wood that best suits your preferences and playing style.
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F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets

built for you by perfectionists

Clarinets made of Grenadilla

Grenadilla has been the most common material for making clarinet bodies for over a hundred years. The wood is characterised by its enormous density and hardness and is very resistant to moisture. Clarinets made of Grenadilla wood impress with a warm, focused sound and fantastic projection

Clarinets made of Mopane

Mopane wood is a popular material for clarinet-making due to its slightly softer and rounder sound, combined with a wide and dynamic range of expression that encourages creative music-making. With a density similar to that of Grenadilla, Mopane wood is an excellent alternative for those seeking a distinct yet versatile tone.

At F. Arthur Uebel, we have been crafting professional Boehm and German clarinets using Mopane since 2018. Our Mopane Zenit and Superior models have gained recognition among some of the world's finest clarinettists. We are proud to say that our stock of naturally dried Mopane has expanded significantly, allowing us to incorporate this wonderful wood into our other models as well.


F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets
Made by perfectionists for the perfect sound

At F. Arthur Uebel, we believe that the quality of the materials we use, combined with our unwavering attention to detail, is what sets our clarinets apart. Our instruments are crafted to meet the needs of musicians at every level, delivering a beautiful sound that will inspire and delight.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Experience the exceptional sound and feel of Uebel clarinets for yourself by contacting your local dealer. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect Uebel clarinet to suit your needs.
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F. Arthur Uebel Facts
For instruments that inspire

☑ naturally seasoned Grenadilla and Mopane wood, aged for many years
→ resulting in a resonant, warm, and pure sound while also offering protection against cracking.

☑ Robust body, manufactured at F. A. Uebel with anti-crack construction
→ stabilizing the vibrations in the wood fibres and resulting in less cracking.

☑ High quality, stable mechanics and fully equipped keywork.
→ ensuring reliability even in the most virtuosic passages.

☑ Logo and model name inlaid with 925 silver signet
→ showcasing artisanal handwork and adding to the stunning appearance of our clarinets.
Refinements of the mechanics
Fine finishing for pure playing pleasure
Uebel german system clarinet grenadilla silver

Silver plating: As standard, our clarinets feature an ergonomic and quiet key mechanism that is hard-gloss silver-plated. This type of plating not only adds to the instrument's aesthetic appeal, but also protects against scratches and prevents rapid oxidation, ensuring the longevity of the instrument's keywork.

Uebel grenadilla gold plated clarinet
Uebel grenadilla rose gold plated clarinet
Uebel grenadilla gold-plated posts clarinet

Gold plating: Our F. Arthur Uebel clarinets with 24k or rose gold plating add a touch of luxury to any performance, inspiring with their stunning appearance and special tactile experience. The gold-plated mechanisms not only offer an exceptional aesthetic but also provide superior protection against perspiration, ensuring longevity and durability.

uebel mopane rhodium-plated clarinet

Rhodium plating: Rhodium plating is available upon request for our soloist clarinets. Rhodium, a bright and chrome-colored metal from the platinum group, offers exceptional protection against oxidation, ensuring longevity and durability for the instrument's keys. Additionally, the bright and shiny appearance of rhodium adds to the instrument's aesthetic appeal.

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