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Warranty registration

Warranty conditions

We congratulate you on the purchase of an F. Arthur Uebel instrument and thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. Before leaving our workshop, your instrument was checked to ensure that it was in perfect condition and function. In addition to the legal warranty of two years, F. Arthur Uebel grants a one-time redeemable warranty of five years on wood cracks. The period for calculating the duration of the guarantee begins with the date of the invoice. Warranty claims are excluded in the case of wood cracks caused by improper handling (gross negligence, insufficient maintenance care), use of force or attempts to repair the wood on your own.

In order for you to be able to make a claim under the guarantee and to enjoy your instrument for many years to come and to prevent cracks from forming, we ask you to follow the enclosed care and cleaning instructions. Protect the clarinet from rapid temperature changes and strong humidity. The original Uebel case supplied will help you with this. To make the wood insensitive to moisture from saliva and changes in temperature, it is important to increase the playing time slowly (known as “breaking in” the instrument). If you still have problems, please contact us or your local specialist shop.

To make a claim under the warranty, if applicable, please fill out both pages of the warranty registration enclosed with your instrument carefully and send it to the address printed overleaf. Alternatively, you can also use our online warranty registration, which you will find on this page. We wish you much fun and success in making music.

Your F. Arthur Uebel Team

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