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French System

The French masters recognized the outstanding qualities of F. Arthur Uebel clarinets early on, as evidenced by the coveted "diplôme d'honneur" awarded to our clarinets at the Paris World Exhibition in 1937.

Today, F. Arthur Uebel offers a range of clarinet models in the French fingering system that meet the highest standards in terms of sound, response, intonation, and ergonomics. Our Boehm instruments are available in different woods to inspire your musical imagination.

In addition to our popular and high-quality beginner instruments, we also offer an exclusive selection of secondary instruments and masterfully crafted soloist instruments that are unparalleled.
No matter if you're a soloist, a student, playing in a wind ensemble, a hobbyist, or a chamber musician, F. Arthur Uebel clarinets allow you to fully express your musical ideas.

Uebel superior french clarinet
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