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Gábor Légrádi

Artist profile

He plays first chair clarinet for both the Orchestra of Budapest Operetta Theater and the Hungarian Customs And Finance Guard Orchestra. Additionally, he works as a studio musician, soloist, and folk musician. He also performs with the renowned Balkan and world music band, Besh o droM


B♭/A clarinet Zenit


“I have been fortunate to play clarinets from nearly every manufacturer, yet Uebel Zenit stands out as being in a league of its own. The unparalleled blend of the Zenit’s sound, register balance, and intonation, complemented by the quality of the wood and its resonance, truly sets it apart. The instrument's overtone range and the design of the mechanics exude a level of excellence I've never encountered before. It's an honor to perform with such an instrument—one that does not impose any limitations on my musical expression.”


In 1994, at the age of 9, he began his journey with the clarinet in Mohács. He graduated from the Kecskemét High School of Music and Arts in 2004 and received his diploma from Szeged University in 2009. He has been a member of the Customs And Finance Guard Orchestra since 2008, working as a studio musician from 2010, and joined the Orchestra of Budapest Operetta Theater in 2016. His extensive experience encompasses playing in a clarinet quartet, wind quintet, wind chamber orchestra, and big band. Besides classical music, he also has experience playing Hungarian, Romanian, and Balkan folk music, as well as symphonic music, musicals, and big band music. Beyond the clarinet, he also plays the saxophone, EWI, tarogato, and kaval. He is an artist for F. Arthur Uebel & Behn Mouthpieces.

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