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Trond Brenne


特隆德.布伦纳(Trond Brenne),挪威单簧管演奏家、指挥家


B♭/A clarinet Zenit


“Some weeks ago, I was introduced to the Uebel Zenit clarinets.
I have always been interested in trying different brands and models, both for my own use, and for guiding students and other clarinet players when they ask for my advice.
When I first tried a Zenit, it was the beauty of the sound that immediately struck me.
The keywork was also smooth and precise and felt more natural to my fingers, though I will need some time to fully adapt to it.
But how would the sound and intonation be in a bigger hall, and how would it blend with the other woodwinds?
After having played the Zenit in 3 different symphony orchestras over 2 weeks, I was convinced that these are the instrument I want to play.”


Trond Brenne is a Norwegian clarinetist and wind band conductor. He began his professional career at the age of 17 as a substitute clarinetist in the Eastern Norway Army Band. After finishing high school, he declined a job offer in the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces to study music at a teacher college. Brenne later worked as a teacher in a public school and as a clarinetist in a regional chamber music group, where he also taught clarinet, played in the local symphony and opera orchestra, and conducted a school orchestra and a wind band.

For the rest of his career, Brenne has been a principal of music and culture schools, a clarinet teacher, and a conductor. He has written the book "Klarinetten" for players and instructors, together with Aksel Farstad, and has been the leader of 25 summer music camps and adjudicator of more than 50 band competitions. Brenne has also worked for the Norwegian Band Federation as a regional leader and music consultant, mainly in the areas of instrumental education and education of school band conductors.

Brenne is now retired after more than 25 years as principal in different music schools, but he is still active in lecturing and teaching clarinet students. He has a permanent position as a clarinetist in Oslo University Symphony Orchestra and as a bass clarinetist in Innlandet Clarinet Ensemble. Brenne is often called upon to play in different symphony orchestras, musicals, and opera performances on both A/Bb clarinets and bass clarinet.

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