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Eugene Mondie


尤金·蒙迪(Eugene Mondie),美国国家交响乐团(National Symphony Orchestra, Washington D.C. )单簧管副首席与降E调单簧管演奏家。


B♭/A clarinet Zenit


"...simply the best clarinets!"


Eugene Mondie is currently the assistant principal and E-flat clarinetist with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C. Appointed by Leonard Slatkin in the spring of 2000, Mondie has also served as principal of the Spokane Symphony, Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, and as acting principal of the Charleston Symphony. As a member of the National Symphony he has given master classes throughout the United States on their annual residencies as well as here in the Washington, D.C., area. Internationally, he has taught master classes and taught privately as well at music festivals in Japan and Taiwan, Republic of China. In addition, he teaches clarinet at peabody conservatory and the Catholic University of America. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from Oberlin College and his Master of Music from DePaul University. His primary teachers have been Donald Montanaro, Larry Combs, and Larry McDonald. Eugene Mondie is an F. Arthur Uebel clarinet artist and performs on “Zenit”and Eb-Superior clarinets.

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