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New C Clarinet Superior Mopane 24k

The Superior C combines all the special qualities in one model: balance, warmth, flexibility and great presence. The unmatched intonation and evenness form a class of their own, exceeding all expectations and setting a new standard in the top class.

18 keys, 6 rings, best selected natural Mopane wood, ergonomically optimised keys, undercut tone holes, E-flat lever, "Superior" bore, original F. Arthur Uebel bell modification, 3 barrels, adjustable ergonomic thumb rest, LP Gore® pads, keys 24k gold-plated, inlaid sterling silver signet, Vandoren mouthpiece, Vandoren reed, Vandoren 'Klassik' ligature, genuine leather deluxe case, genuine leather case cover, genuine leather accessory pouch.

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