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F. Arthur Uebel

Makers of Fine Clarinets Since 1936

Uebel Zenit clarinet gold mopane

"First-class craftsmanship for a soulful sound"

The name F. Arthur Uebel has stood for the finest in clarinet making since 1936. Whether it’s taking your first steps on the musical stage or sold-out solo performances in the greatest concert halls in the world – our clarinets are the perfect companions at any playing level.
In our workshops, valuable traditions of clarinet making merge with ultra-modern manufacturing processes to create a harmonious symphony of artisanal perfection. This interplay produces clarinets whose unmistakable sound will delight audiences, students, fellow musicians – and most of all, yourself.
Discover our clarinets in both the German and French fingering systems and let the ingenious craftsmanship of our instruments inspire you to master ever greater musical challenges. Comfortable ergonomics, excellent intonation and the unmistakable beauty of sound are characteristic of each of our instruments – whether it’s a beginner clarinet or top-end concert model.

The wood from which it is made is the soul of the clarinet. We use only Grenadilla and Mopane for our instruments, and the natural process by which we dry the woods has a great influence on the special sound of our clarinets.
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Top-shelf instruments



"World Renowned Traditional Sound"
As a clarinet manufacturer rich in tradition, we have been building clarinets in the German fingering system since our inception and have had a decisive influence on the development of German clarinets since then.
Our German clarinets are still made today with refined craftsmanship and a range of models that can accompany you all the way from your first lesson to the greatest of concert stages.


"German craftsmanship with French fingering"
Sound, response, intonation and ergonomics – our Boehm system clarinets will quickly convince even the most demanding clarinettists. Be inspired by the wide range of our Boehm clarinets, available in different types of wood!
Uebel bass clarinet


"Our clarinet family has many members"
In addition to the standard expected models of clarinets, we make a wide range of instruments that will inspire you. We build special children's clarinets, models for musicians with small hands, bass, and basset clarinets as well as models with covered keys and even G clarinets! Let us surprise you: Your dream clarinet awaits!
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Uebel clarinet maker
Natural dried for a unique sound

Naturally dried woods are the soul of our instruments. In combination with our unique bores, they are the core of the special F. Arthur Uebel sound. In order to achieve this, we completely dispense with artificial drying processes: Grenadilla and Mopane are carefully stored for a minimum of seven years before we use them to make a new F. Arthur Uebel clarinet.
The result is not only a beautiful sound, but also robust quality that lasts. We’re so convinced of the quality of our instruments that we offer a five-year guarantee against cracks!
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Uebel clarinet innovation
Progress from the very beginning

F. Arthur Uebel worked closely with Berlin’s "old master" Oskar Oehler to perfect the production of German clarinets in the Oehler system. Since the foundation of his workshop in 1936, he designed mechanical improvements to the key mechanism, which had a decisive influence on the development of Uebel clarinets. With our ultra-modern manufacturing methods and a wide range of key mechanism variants, we continue to build on this innovative spirit to this very day.
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Uebel clarinet superior plateau
Sophisticated technology for first-class ergonomics

Our ergonomic key design makes even our beginner clarinets more fun to play. In numerous special models, such as our clarinet for small hands, the covered-key Superior Plateau or our popular children's C clarinet model 611, we have continued to refine our mechanisms with the needs of musicians in mind.


F. Arthur Uebel

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